24 giugno 2009

The Stillness Illness: il ritorno di Nim Vind

Lo scorso 19 giugno il cantante canadese ha dato alle stampe il successore di The Fashion of Fear.
Una gestazione sicuramente travagliata, quella che ha portato a questo "Stillness Illness", come spiega lo stesso Nim Vind nel blog del suo myspace:
"(...) It's an album dedicated to the common person. We're being ripped off and taken advantage of in every aspect of life. The poorest people, the mentally ill, the young and the old, most of all. I absolutely HATE the banker-owned corporate sector, specifically their ideology that they own the right to a better life than the rest of us. They make and maintain systems geared to keep us just happy and healthy enough to build their dreams, with rules they've made for us that they don't follow and taxes to pay that they don't pay. From sending us to war, taxing us to death -literally, claiming ownership to our lands, intellectual properties, and finally to even claiming ownership over our drinking water. The Stillness Illness began as a frustration with being stifled by the awful music industry and it's lying, cheating, scamming pieces of garbage that seem to be everywhere in it like roaches or fruit flies. My ideas and frustration expanded as I read and saw more that made me realize that this these disgusting, greedy, fiending scammers were actually everywhere, in every walk of life, like a plague threatening all good honest common people. (...)"
"(...) I also came up with "The 21st Century" (uno dei pezzi del nuovo album ndlorenz)- the century of change that belongs to the common person taking their lives and rights back, finally, from these would-be feudal lords. I hope people hear the frustration and motivation in these songs. Everyone talks about the need for change in music, art, society, and such, yet seem to be so utterly lazy and unwilling to do anything to about it. This is my offering to it all. (...)"

Uno sfogo amaro che lascia però spazio ad una prospettiva di speranza...
Clip dei pezzi del nuovo album le trovate al sito nimvindmusic.com: l'impressione è quella di trovarsi di fronte ad un'ottima conferma del sound che fino ad ogggi ha contraddistinto Nim Vind.
E dunque un horror punk poco o per nulla derivativo, melodico senza che ciò diventi una colpa e dalle venature fifties nei momenti più sognanti.
Date un'occhiata anche al sito nimvind.com.

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